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Ground Control Touring Welcomes Unwound

Ground Control Touring Welcomes Unwound

Posted 07/12/2022

“Unwound will never reunite so get over it.” —VICE

UNWOUND 1991-2091

Born in 1991 in the Pacific Northwest as the Riot Grrrl and grunge musico-social movements took hold of underground pop culture, Unwound leveled their small corner of the ’90s punk scene with a scathing Future of What barrage in the brightest corners of the underground. One of the flagship bands of the Kill Rock Stars label, the band also released material on iconic labels such as Gravity, Troubleman Unlimited, and Matador over their initial 10 year run. A notoriously relentless touring act, Unwound temporarily ended their endless adventure on April 1st 2002 after a tumultuous year of societal and personal breakdowns and breakups. “When we put Unwound on the shelf in 2002, we never thought we’d return to the project,” drummer Sara Lund said.

In 2012, Unwound began an aggressive reissue campaign with The Numero Group, introducing the band’s extensive catalog to a new generation of listeners. In David Wilcox’s extensive liner notes, all three members scoffed at the idea of a reunion—bassist Vern Rumsey’s unexpected 2020 passing almost killed the idea entirely, But Covid’s isolation and Rumsey’s absence only made the idea of circling back stronger. In April of 2022, Unwound held its first official practice. Jared Warren, arguably Vern’s original protege as a member of the legendary band Karp and later the Melvins and Big Business came on to fill Vern’s shoes. To round out the sound and take the “burden of three” away, Nocturnal Habits’ Scott Seckington was enlisted on guitar and keyboards. “Starting over again is a rebellious act against our failure,” guitarist Justin Trosper said.

“What about the future of what it is?” —Unwound

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