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Welcoming Psychic Twin to GCT

Welcoming Psychic Twin to GCT

Posted 08/04/2016

Psychic Twin has today joined our roster and we’re very pleased to welcome her.

Psychic Twin’s debut album, Strange Diary, lives in a dream-like state of surreal urgency. The songs reflect the emotionally arduous and unpredictable journey that singer, songwriter, and composer Erin Fein took to creating them.

The making of Strange Diary spans four years and two states, with Fein having begun writing and composing solo material in Champaign-Urbana, Ill. amid the dissolution of her marriage. Following the divorce, she relocated to Brooklyn, N.Y. and continued to write and record-despite lineup changes. The album contains songs written before, during, and after the divorce, from both New York and Illinois. The subject of each song is an unnamed “you,” who she alternately pleads with and flees from. “These songs are 100% a diary of my life over the last four years,” says Fein.

Today, Psychic Twin’s evolution includes drummer Rosana Caban and Fein’s absorption of several sources of inspiration. While rooted in the avant pop of The Cocteau Twins, Siousxie, and Annie Lennox, contemporary production flourishes lend each song the clarity and buoyancy of contemporary pop. The music balances languid, dark melodies and atmosphere with propulsive rhythms and soaring vocal lines. It’s both beautiful and catchy.

Keep your eyes on Psychic Twin’s artist page for future news and tour dates!

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