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Swedish post-punk band, Makthaverskan, Joins Our Artist Roster!

Swedish post-punk band, Makthaverskan, Joins Our Artist Roster!

Posted 09/04/2017

We are thrilled to welcome Makthaverskan to the GCT family!

Makthaverskan is a post punk five-piece based in Gothenburg, Sweden led by Maja Milner. Milner has described the band name as “the female form of someone with a lot of power. ‘Makthavare,’ is the male version, so ‘makthaverskan’ is the female version.” The group roused a worldwide following with the single “No Mercy” and the release of their sophomore album II via Boston’s Run For Cover and Sweden’s Luxury Records. Their upcoming album , “III”, represents the band’s most focused songwriting, patiently recorded over the last three years as a leaner four-piece with producer Hans Olsson Brookes. Where past records were collections of scattered songs, “III” conveys an intentional cohesion. At the core is Milner’s austere purview. She turns her feminine powers against society, rather than the wreckage of her past, yet still exploring themes of what can and cannot be controlled.

The band’s latest release “III“ is out October 20th via Luxury and Run For Cover Records.

Stay tuned to their artist page for the latest news and forthcoming tour dates.

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